14 Things You Learn From Having An Unconventional Mother

Thought Catalog

Andrew SeamanAndrew Seaman

My mom rarely gave me the traditional guidance most mothers give their children. She didn’t give me the sex talk or know how to enforce a curfew. Vegetables weren’t mandatory and playing with glitter was prohibited. But she still taught me valuable life lessons that have served me well all these years. Your mother may have told you to brush your teeth every night before bed, but mine told me that if you drive a shitty car going 80 on the highway, you’re going to blow up.

1. Be kind and personable – Talk to people like you know them. It may seem like a silly suggestion but it could make someone’s day just to have a friendly exchange with a stranger.

2. If you’re going to do something bad, do it alone and then tell no one – Not your standard motherly advice, but makes sense, doesn’t…

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