A Word For Those Who Don’t Understand Anxiety

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I love my mother-in-law. Not many people can say that about their in-laws. But I’m a lucky one. She’s a naturally gregarious and gracious woman who always makes others feel at ease, and has raised three very smart, solid children with the help of a conscious, thoughtful husband—and after 30+ years, they genuinely love each other.

They are the model and legacy that I want for my husband, myself, and my family in this lifetime.

I, on the other hand, come a very dramatically different family dynamic.

I would like to interject very quickly and say that my M.I.L. (mother-in-law) is a fan of the T.V. show “Modern Family.”

Like most kiddos in the 90s (and many today), my parents were separated in 1994 and divorced in 1996. Divorce is nothing new; but the circumstances always vary.

My dad had cheated on my mom from the 15 of the 19…

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