What It Really Means To Live With ADD/ADHD

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I was recently diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Truthfully, I’d never considered that it could be the problem, though retrospectively, it seems painfully obvious. When I told my mom I thought I had ADD, all she said was, “I know.” How could I, such a proclaimed “self-aware” person, have been so clueless? I was victim to the stereotypes, and since I could hold a conversation without chasing after a squirrel, I’d never even considered it an explanation for my lifelong struggles. As I grew older and the consequences grew graver, I realized something had to give. I casually googled ADD/ADHD at work one afternoon, more so out of general curiosity than a true attempt to self-diagnose, and was blown away. Written there under the description was almost a perfect analysis of… me. An answer. An explanation. An end to the suffering I couldn’t identify. A beacon of hope, finally.

See, ADD/ADHD isn’t…

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A Word For Those Who Don’t Understand Anxiety

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I love my mother-in-law. Not many people can say that about their in-laws. But I’m a lucky one. She’s a naturally gregarious and gracious woman who always makes others feel at ease, and has raised three very smart, solid children with the help of a conscious, thoughtful husband—and after 30+ years, they genuinely love each other.

They are the model and legacy that I want for my husband, myself, and my family in this lifetime.

I, on the other hand, come a very dramatically different family dynamic.

I would like to interject very quickly and say that my M.I.L. (mother-in-law) is a fan of the T.V. show “Modern Family.”

Like most kiddos in the 90s (and many today), my parents were separated in 1994 and divorced in 1996. Divorce is nothing new; but the circumstances always vary.

My dad had cheated on my mom from the 15 of the 19…

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5 Things People Who Aren’t Prescribed Adderall Don’t Understand

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Adderall has gained a reputation for making you “limitless.” I’ve even heard it called legal meth, or legal cocaine. It seems that many teens and adults these days, especially those in college, would do just about anything to attain an Adderall prescription. To most of these people, who likely don’t even have ADD/ADHD, Adderall makes them better, at least for a short time. But to those of us who struggle with ADD/ADHD every day, Adderall helps us feel as close to normal as we will ever get. If you’re prescribed, it’s likely that you have had someone tell you that you’re lucky. But we’re not as lucky as they think.

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1. Being physically, but not mentally, hungry.

You hear your stomach growl. You know that you need to eat so you head to your pantry. You scan everything in it, but nothing appeals to…

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